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Keith Rennie has retired after a lifetime of service to the YMCA.
Keith’s association with the YMCA began in 1958 joining when he was 15 years old.
He started working for the YMCA in Dundee from 1964-67 as an Assistant General Secretary.
During this time he met his wife, Eleanor who he is still married to.
After a brief hiatus when he moved to London, Keith returned to Edinburgh where he volunteered
to aid a disabled group in Edinburgh YMCA from 1971 to 1973 before returning to Dundee YMCA.

Keith worked as a volunteer youth worker from 1974 to 1976 before taking on the position of General Secretary,
a position he held until 1997 and was arguably the face of Dundee YMCA, fighting tooth and nail for it.
Keith received the Sir George Williams Medal in 2009 in recognition of his distinguished and outstanding
service. The same year Keith returned to support the YMCA when he joined Broughty Ferry YMCA.

Broughty Ferry YMCA had reached a critical point when the future of Broughty Ferry YMCA was in doubt.
At a public meeting in the YMCA at this time to show the dire situation, Keith decided he would offer his services
as he did not wish to see the YMCA close.
From that point and for the next fifteen years Keith has worked tirelessly for Broughty Ferry YMCA both
physically and monetarily, helping to raise thousands in funding. This work can be exemplified in the massive
changes that the YMCA has gone through since.
A gymnasium unfit for purpose and falling to pieces has now been restored.
The main building that was cold and unwelcoming is now the complete opposite, a warm and inviting place to
anyone who steps through the door.
I am sure that Keith favourite would be the creation of the much loved Community Garden which started out as a dream of Keith’s
and has now gone on be a beautiful area for all the Community and also winning recognition by receiving awards from a variety of
His knowledge, dedication and above all kindness have been invaluable to us, undoubtedly reflected in the strength and stability
that Broughty Ferry YMCA enjoys.
Following his retirement from the Board we were honoured to bestow on Keith the highest title we can award, making him only the seventh
Lifetime Honourary President in our long history.
So we hope you will join us in recognising and celebrating the efforts of Keith as he steps back from his many duties at Broughty Ferry
YMCA to enjoy some more quality time with family and friends (don’t worry he won’t be gone completely, still making sure that the garden
as wonderful as ever)

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