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8 December 2022

Y’s Girls Wins at Youth Matters Awards 2022!

Y’s Girls is now officially an award-winning project having been voted the Family and Youth Work Project of the year at the 2022 Youth Matters Awards!

YMCA Scotland’s CEO, Kerry Reilly was also in attendance at the awards presenting the Diversity Award.

Those who weren’t there to celebrate got a big shout out too. Please shout loud and proud about out latest achievement and look out on our social media for opportunities to re-post.

28 January 2020

Sarah’s YMCA Journey

Sarah has been the carer for her alcoholic mum for most of her life. Since an early age, she’s had to prepare family meals, look after her siblings whilst also taking care of her mum.

23 January 2020

Norman’s YMCA Journey

I was bullied for 2 years and dropped out of high school because of stress. Coming to Cupar Youth Cafe allowed me to rebuild my confidence and find a new direction in life. 

20 January 2020

Ryan’s YMCA Journey

Ryan had completely disengaged from school and was involved in risk-taking behaviour. He had lost all interest in his friends and was experiencing extremely low moods. He was self-harming as a way of coping.

5 November 2019

Jim Thomson Remembers

At the end of the Second World War, the whole of Europe was in turmoil as new demands were being made on every aid agency.

6 November 2019

Stephi Remembers

I got involved with YMCA Scotland’s heritage project after applying to become a heritage ambassador, this was part of a Heritage Lottery funded project encouraging young people to get more involved in the heritage of their charity. 

17 June 2019

Starting a community garden revolution

When Andy McGovern lived in Australia, he shared a flat with the man who was running Transtion Bondi, a sustainable living community. Through that relationship, he was exposed to new ideas around gardening and sustainability and also got the opportunity to visit many gardening projects.

17 June 2019

Kristopher’s Story

I became homeless after splitting up with my girlfriend because my mental health was deteriorating. Having been in care, I had no idea what to do next. Thankfully, my social worker helped me get a place in YMCA Glenrothes’ supported accommodation.

17 June 2019

Ayesha’s Story

I was born in Hyderabad in South India. I completed an M.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics in India where I worked as a Lecturer. After I got married, my husband and I traveled a lot. We finally settled in Edinburgh 9 years ago.

17 June 2019

Bryan’s Story

The YMCA also connected me with the right people to help me stop using drugs. With the help of my addiction worker, I’ve been able to finally kick the drugs.