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Keeping your number when changing network

The following guide takes you through the process of keeping your number when changing network

Whether you are looking for a better deal, improved reception or internet speed, changing your network and keeping the same number should not be a hassle.

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Guide to keeping your current number

With your old / current SIM card in your mobile phone, text (SMS):

PAC to 65075

You will receive a text (SMS) from your current provider, with your PAC code, a 9 character code and an expiration date. If you do not use your PAC code before the expiration date, you request another one by following the above method.

You will never be asked to provide a PAC code as a text or over the phone.

The text message will also include a statement on Early Termination Charge. If you are PAY AS YOU GO or out of contract, your Early Termination Charge will be £0.

Please note that you will lose any credit if you are PAY AS YOU GO and decide to transfer your number to a new provider.

Timescales vary from provider to provider, some as short as 2 hours, whilst some can take 1-2 working day. You can choose the day when you have your number transferred.

Before starting this guide, ensure you have activated your new SIM first, by putting the New SIM card in your phone.

Cancel your old number

If you wish to leave your current provider without your number, text (sms):

STAC to 75075

Using a STAC code will ensure your contract is cancelled, and you receive no unexpected charges.

SIM providers transferring your number

O2 Follow the link to keep your existing number

Vodafone Follow the link to keep your old number, or to cancel your old number

Asda mobile or call 2732 from your ASDA mobile to request the transfer

Giffgaff activate your new SIM with the following link, and follow the instructions to transfer your number

EE First verify your EE phone number, before filling out the transfer form

VOXI Follow the link to sign into VOXI, to begin the process of transferring your number

Smarty Sign into your Smarty account, and go to: Menu > Account Settings > Your phone number > Enter my PAC or STAC code

Tesco Mobile First register your new Tesco Mobile number. Sign into your Tesco Mobile account, and go to the Move My Number section. Alternatively you can call 1903 from the number you wish to keep.

Lebara Go to the attached link. Please not that you must activate your new Lebara phone number; by placing the Lebara SIM into a phone, before you can transfer your number

Lyca Mobile Follow the link and fill in the required information.

Three If you are on PAY AS YOU GO, you first need to sign into My3 > Select Account > Click Move your number to Three. If you pay your SIM monthly, please fill in this online form

iD Mobile Follow the attached link and fill in the required information to transfer your number to iD Mobile

Sky Click on the link and navigate to the bottom of the page to transfer your number. You will be prompted to first sign into your Sky account

BT Login into your BT account, and fill in the required information to transfer your number.

Talkmobile Click on the following link, and fill in the required information. You will receive a security code to your temporary Talkmobile phone number

Virgin Mobile The following guide explains the process of moving your number to Virgin Mobile. You will be asked if you want to keep your number when you sign up to Virgin Mobile. If you did not request to transfer your number when signing up, you can do so afterwards by signing into your Virgin Mobile account, and click on switching

PlusNet Mobile Sign up to a PlusNet Mobile deal, and provide your PAC code when completing your order