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YMCA Glenrothes has managed a range of supported accommodation in Glenrothes and neighbouring villages for many years.

The type of accommodation on offer suits people at various stages of their lives, so someone can either share in a hostel, live with one or two other people in a supported flat, all prior to moving into their own tenancy in the community.

In the past people with higher complex needs had been placed in Shared Accommodation Partnership (SAP) Flats which are owned by Fife Council.  Now, as a result of a pilot that we trialled, those with higher support needs are accommodated first within the hostels where they can be fully supported.  Next YMCA will match people and then support them individually and together in a SAP flat.

This YMCA system enables people to transfer more readily to an area of their choice. This sensitive approach has been recognised by the Homeless and Housing Public Social Partnership (PSP) Fife. Just over a year ago, the PSP reviewed its own system of allocating flat spaces and adopted some YMCA recommendations.  This system of matching and support has benefited many SAP residents.