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In early 2017, YMCA Glenrothes secured funding from the Big Lottery Fund to support the delivery of the Y Academy.

The project outcomes aim to improve people’s confidence and sense of purpose, improve their physical and mental health and encourage participation within the local Glenrothes community. The long-term goal of the Y Academy is to increase stability for individuals affected by homelessness and to help people maintain their future tenancies.

The Y Academy is offered to individuals of any age, gender and background who are resident within the Y Supported Accommodation and Community Flats. The programme runs two days each week on a six week cycle and offers various activities targeted around the project outcomes. Activities include Outdoor Education, Physical Activities, Cooking, Goal Setting and Group Work Sessions aimed at improving tenancy management skills.

Already the  Y Academy has made a significant impact on the individuals involved

“I feel like people coming into the homeless (hostel) are a bit lost and I feel the group and workers give people a sense of purpose.”

“Being part of the Academy has really helped me; I think I’ve became a better person. To begin with I was like this is who I am; just accept it, but I realise now that you can’t be like that and you need to change your behaviour in certain places.”