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7 April 2022    |    General

[Job Opportunity] YMCA Dumfries Centre Manager

YMCA Dumfries Centre Manager

Reporting to the Board of Trustees

Job Description


To provide effective leadership, management, administration, and development of the  activities of the Dumfries YMCA. To support the Christian Mission in the local community. To  develop and maintain relationships within the YMCA Movement, including other Associations  and YMCA Scotland. 

Key Outputs 

  • To lead the strategic development of the Dumfries YMCA in line with the aims and  objectives, values and policies of the Dumfries YMCA; to undertake strategic analysis  of the internal and external environment, including the assessment of stakeholder  interests and needs. 
  • To oversee and manage the Dumfries YMCA, including the efficient conduct of  financial, operation, human resources and information management. 
  • To ensure that all programmes, services and products are planned to maximize the  benefits of the operations to all stakeholders, within both the local and wider  community. 
  • To develop partnerships with voluntary, statutory, commercial and other relevant  organisations. 
  • To represent the YMCA in key forums within the area relating to youth and  community work and to promote the work of the YMCA. 
  • To ensure that the YMCA is represented regionally and nationally, including  participation in forums, which support the development of the YMCA movement. Manage all health and safety considerations in the building and the adherence to all  policies and procedures. 
  • Report to the Board of Trustees 
  • Participate in National and International YMCA forums and events 

Staff Management 

  • Set targets for staff to work to and support them in achieving them Performance manage staff by conducting monthly 1 to 1’s and annual performance  reviews.  
  • Manage training for staff  
  • Line management and support of Co-ordinators and oversee the Community Café and  Youth Work. 
  • Work in partnership with the Facilities Coordinator to ensure a clean, safe, well  maintained working environment within the centre and its grounds, which meets the  needs of all tenants and visitors to the centre 

Volunteer management 

  • Oversee the work of the Volunteer Coordinator  
  • Create a positive volunteering culture, with all the necessary policies and procedures,  and then ensuring its implementation

Policies and Procedure  

  • Effective implementation and management of best practice policies and procedures. 
  • A good understanding of Child protection and vulnerable adults policies and  procedures 

Business management 

  • Ensure the service will offer reflect local needs 
  • Oversee the day to day operations of the centre 
  • Attract partners and tenants to rent/use our space  
  • Improve year on year what we can offer to tenants/partners  
  • Manage the cleaning contract 
  • Work with the Board to set targets 
  • Prepare regular reports and present to Board 
  • Effective management of all administration, budgeting and data gathering aspects of  YMCA Dumfries 
  • Continually evaluate and improve operations 
  • Liaise with our tenants over their needs and maintain healthy relationships with them Agree leases’ in conjunction with YMCA Dumfries solicitors and Board of Trustees Advertising and marketing, making full use of social media 

Funding and Finances  

  • Liaise with Treasurer. 
  • Oversee the Associations finances, working with the Administrator and Treasurer.  Maximise the income potential of the Dumfries YMCA and its grounds Successfully apply for funding to cover the salary of the YMCA Centre Manager. To be responsible for pursuing and securing funding for the Dumfries YMCA, meeting  

with funders and contract managers as appropriate; to develop fundraising  opportunities and ensure adequate resourcing for new initiatives 


  • Build relationships within the local community 
  • Identify and work with our stakeholder to build healthy relationship and partnership  working opportunities 
  • Develop networking opportunities and partnerships with organisations, agencies  elected members with mutual objectives 
  • To support and engage with the local and national programme evaluation and  development of best practice 
  • Develop strong positive relationships with members of staff, subordinates, Board of  Management and internal and external customers  
  • Use digital and paper newsletters to share YMCA Dumfries news and services with  stakeholders.  
  • Manage the content of the website 

Person Spec: 


  • IT skills including a good knowledge of Microsoft packages 
  • Qualification in Management or Equivalent experience 
  • Advertising and marketing experience 
  • Evidence of effective teamwork and leadership 
  • Experienced fund raiser  
  • Experience managing staff 
  • Skilled working with partners  
  • Excellent organisational skills 
  • Ability to empathise 
  • An ability to communicate clearly 
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate others 
  • An understanding of the operation of social enterprises 

Personal Qualities 

  • Flexible and adaptable  
  • Commitment to working out with normal working hours and at weekends where  necessary 
  • Strong independence and initiative 
  • A good team player 
  • Ability to prioritise and to cope with demands 
  • Ability to manage time effectively  
  • Significant high levels of self-motivation  
  • A motivator and encourager  
  • Always exhibit positive equal respect to all  
  • Ability to present the Christian ethos of the YMCA. 


  • Knowledge and experience of the YMCA Movement 
  • Good knowledge and experience of Youth Work delivery and development Links with local businesses and stakeholders  
  • Experience managing volunteers  
  • Management qualifications  
  • Knowledge of using accounting software 
  • Monitoring and evaluation skills 
  • Driving licence 

Christian Ethos 

Agreement to work within the YMCA ethos and to participate in and deliver  provision that will show Christian love in action


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