A place for young people to meet up and enjoy activities.

Every Thursday Evening

Run on Thursday evenings and have a variety of activities on offer.

This will include a space for to meet up, play video games, some indoor sports such as badminton and pool, and lots of room for young people to hang out and chat.

There will also be youth workers from Midlothian Council Communities and Lifelong Learning on hand each week for anything the young people want to talk about more in depth.

Drama Club

A place for children and young people to learn drama and enjoy activities.

Run on Tuesday evenings with Marie Clair from The Acting Scene we have a variety of drama-based activities on offer.

This will include two individual clubs. One for under 12s and the senior group for over 12s. As professional theatre practitioners Marie Clair aims to facilitate the creative ideas of all participating. Sessions will see children of a similar age working together, having fun and learning new skills. Enthusiastic, approachable, practitioners will provide exciting workshops while boosting their confidence and social awareness skills.

So whether your child is a natural performer or simply looking for an enjoyable way to improve their self-esteem, the skills they’ll learn at our workshops will stand them in good stead. We believe skills such as – confidence, self-expression and creativity – are not just applicable to performance they are skills for life.