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28 January 2020    |    Stories

Sarah’s YMCA Journey

Sarah has been the carer for her alcoholic mum for most of her life.

Since an early age, she’s had to prepare family meals, look after her siblings whilst also taking care of her mum.

As a result of her mum’s alcoholism, Sarah struggles with anxiety and used to self-harm as a way of coping.

She regularly attends Bellshill & Mossend YMCA where she was able to access the Pathways to Confidence programme.

Through this, she got the support of a befriender who is a positive role model whom she trusts. She now has an action plan in place for when her mum isn’t well.

Knowing in advance what to do when certain situations occur greatly reduces her anxiety.

With the support of her befriender, she has also discovered effective self-care strategies that prevent her from cutting.

She’s also felt confident to open up about her sexuality and now attends an LGBT group at the YMCA.

Thanks to the support of her befriender, Sarah is better able to express her feelings to her family. The family is at the beginning of their journey but they have described Pathways to Confidence as a lifeline.

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