Tollcross YMCA Sunday Service

Every Sunday members of Tollcross YMCA come together to celebrate the lord, often featuring a guest speaker on a variety of topics.

We will update this page with our next speakers once we become aware, our services are open to everyone.

Our Sunday Service starts at 10am.

Below is the upcoming syllabus for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024.

Fellowship meetings 2023/2024 – Over 150 Years of Witness in Tollcross – 1870 to 2023

Date Title  Speaker 
04/02/2024 The privilege of being asked as a speaker. Tennant McLellan
11/02/2024 You Say That I Am? Alison Plummer
18/02/2024 Glasgow City Mission Jack Geddes
25/02/2024 Time of favour not fire Sebastian and Helen Pinn
03/03/2024 United? Tom McPherson
10/03/2024 Rejoice David Hamilton
17/03/2024 St Patrick Graeme Reid
24/03/2024 Reflections from Jerusalem Colin Macfarlane
31/03/2024 Easter Sunday Video
07/04/2024 “HELP ! — ?” Bobby Keys
14/04/2024  ‘Will you get out of the boat?’ David Whitelaw
21/04/2024 When the going get’s tough Gordon McHenry
28/04/2024 Tearfund Graeme McMeekin
05/05/2024 You are not an accident Sheila Glen
02/06/2024 The narrow path Darran Gillan
07/07/2024 Scottish Bible Society Scottish Bible Society
04/08/2024 The Leprosy Mission The Leprosy Mission
01/09/2024 Embrace the Middle East Douglas Callander