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We believe that every young person should have someone that they can trust. 

That is exactly what YMCA Mentoring programmes provide for 360 young people across Scotland. A local trained volunteer is matched with a young person who they meet with every week, developing a positive relationship and providing guidance and support through everyday challenges.


The award-winning Plusone™ mentoring programme works with young people aged between 8 and 14, who are on the verge of entering the criminal justice system.

YMCA Plusone™ Mentoring is recognised as a best practice early intervention programme with proven success in reducing re-offending in young people.

Currently being replicated across Scotland the programme achieves 86% of young people significantly changing their behaviour and attitudes (Evaluation: Dundee University, 2011).


Youthworks mentoring is a YMCA Scotland mentoring support programme for young people aged 16 -25 engaged in short term employment training programmes including Community Jobs Scotland.

The programme helps young people develop the confidence and resilience they need to sustain employment.

Young people acquire essential skills for their working lives such as emotional intelligence, problem solving and decision making.

The YMCA is increasingly called upon by secondary schools to provide mentoring.

Youthworks Mentoring supports 160 young people a year in 8 locations across Scotland: Aberdeen, Glasgow, Perth, Renfrew, Dumfries, Orkney and the Isle of Lewis.

As well as mentoring, an important aspect of YMCA’s approach is to build relationships with various employers so they better understand some of the barriers young people (particularly marginalised) face and how the workplace can become more accessible.

Modern Apprenticeships

Every year, we work with 60 Modern Apprentices from NHS Lothian.

96% of young people on YMCA programmes report improved employability outcomes, sustained Modern Apprenticeships or new qualifications related to their employability.