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Smart Gardens

A look at the amazing smart garden projects at YMCA Bellshill


YMCA Bellshill

YMCA Bellshill’s Smart Garden is an innovative self-growing indoor garden where they grow 100% organic herbs, fruits, salads and flowers, free from GMOs and pesticides. (fresher than any plants you’ll find in shops!)

YMCA Bellshill’s Smart Garden has:

Automatic watering

Perfect amount of light thanks to pro-grow lights

Perfect amount of nutrients and oxygen at root level

Grows 365 days a year

Environmental Awareness

Research shows the loss of access to outdoor space significantly impacts the awareness of young people in relation to environmental issues. 

This project promotes awareness of environmental issues, growing fruit and veg locally thus addressing food poverty and develops further skills in our young people

Produce Awareness

YMCA Bellshill also use the project to discuss health and nutrition and encourage the young people to try fruit and vegetables they may not have had before.

YMCA Bellshill also encourages the young people to take some of the crop home and prepare meals and snacks using what they have grown.