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The YMCA believes that we should all commit and take action for the protection and regeneration of our Planet, preparing for a Just Transition to a world where humans live in full harmony with nature.

The YMCA commits to become a Greener Movement, an active youth voice on climate justice and champion of youth-led sustainability solutions.

Outdoor Play


YMCA Scotland is a strong advocate for the importance of outdoor play in the lives of children, rooted in our commitment to the UNCRC.

Our outdoor play initiatives aim to create opportunities for children to discover the wonders of the natural world, fostering their physical, emotional, and cognitive development, while incorporating opportunities for children to learn about climate change and environmental sustainability.

Carbon Footprint


YMCA Scotland along with World YMCA is committed to achieving net-zero carbon.

YMCA Scotland is taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint across the board including

You can read YMCA Scotland’s Annual Report below, which outlines our commitment to being carbon neutral.

YMCA Scotland Gardens


Although Scotland doesn’t see much sun, we get plenty of rain.  Scotland is a hub for wildlife hosting lots of different habitats across the country.  Our young people benefit from learning how to garden, gaining knowledge of the wildlife and natural beauty that surrounds use very day, and ultimately why it should be preserved.

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