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17 June 2019    |    Campaigns

David’s #IAMWHOLE Story


From an early age, I’ve struggled to fit into a group, others saw me as a bit ‘weird’.

My mental health was at its lowest a few years back when my anxiety was at its peak and my confidence at its lowest. I was afraid of being judged, of not being good enough. I kept comparing myself to others.

This made me want to stay at home and to cut off social plans. It felt like the world was swallowing me up. I started to believe that I was an outcast, even to those who were closest to me.

I had no one to talk to about my issues. I just needed someone who would listen to me without interrupting.

Through the YMCA, I’ve slowly regained my confidence. I’ve met like-minded people, lead youth clubs and traveled the world. For the first time, I’m in a community where I am genuinely accepted for who I am.

#IAMWHOLE has allowed me to talk about my experiences and to share them with others who have experienced mental health difficulties.

My advice to anyone who is experiencing mental health difficulties is to find a space, an individual, or a group you trust and who will take the time just to listen to what you have to say. That’s all it takes, and I can’t thank YMCA and the #IAMWHOLE campaign in providing the space for me to do so

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