About Us

We strive to inspire each person we meet to nurture their body, mind and spirit, and to realise their full potential in all they do.

YMCA Broughty Ferry is a small local charity working as the heart of the community and provides a meeting place for all groups and ages. We are an inclusive Christian charity open to those of all faiths and of none. We were founded in 1866 and celebrated our 150th anniversary in 2016. We provide facilities for various groups such activities as ballet, knitting, exercise classes, Zumba, tai chi, art classes and badminton, to name only a few. In total, at least 400 people cross our threshold every week.

Our History

YMCA in Broughty Ferry was founded in premises on Gray Street in 1866, moving nine years later to the present premises, formerly a church and then an infant school, in Brook Street. In 1893 a gymnasium was gifted by AlexanderJefferson Buist, President at that time. During both World Wars, the premises were requisitioned by the Forces. Largely through the efforts of members themselves, a table tennis hut, acquired after the first world war was dismantled and a new, much-enlarged hut erected in its place. During December 1963 the Stephen Gillanders Memorial Extension was opened in memory of Stephen Gillanders who was President from 1952 to 1962. The memorial extension was a major target in our centenary celebrations and cost approximately £3,000. It consists of a lounge and a large kitchen in a spacious social area.

During the alterations the Caretakers house was extended, new toilets were added and the face of the building was pointed. Traditionally we have been sport orientated producing many fine players within the realms of badminton, table tennis and football. In addition, many members have made good within the fields of public service and academic work. By their activities, all members past and present are seen to be expressing the true meaning of YMCA.

Local volunteers have helped YMCA survive as the years have moved on, through giving up their time to help develop local young people and key YMCA financially viable. These volunteers have been invaluable to the survival of YMCA. Greater community involvement is under consideration and many exciting projects are planned for the future.